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Nitrous Anesthesia

Nitrous oxide is a type of inhaled anesthesia that is used in our medical office to help patients manage pain or anxiety during certain procedures. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a colorless and odorless gas that is inhaled through a mask or nosepiece.

Nitrous oxide anesthesia is considered a safe and effective option for many patients, particularly those who may be nervous or anxious about medical procedures. It is a relatively mild form of anesthesia that does not require intubation or prolonged recovery time.

During a nitrous oxide procedure, the patient wears a mask or nosepiece that is connected to a machine that delivers a carefully controlled mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. The patient inhales the mixture, which induces a feeling of relaxation and reduced anxiety.

One of the benefits of nitrous oxide anesthesia is that it wears off quickly once the gas is stopped, so patients are able to resume their normal activities soon after the procedure. There are also few side effects associated with nitrous oxide, and patients typically experience only minor discomfort or dizziness.

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